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A Perfect Blend of Collection, Investigative & Legal Experience 

Small Claims Court

We represent Plaintiffs and Defendants

    Unpaid Accounts/Invoice
  Breach of Contract
  Property Damage
  Services Rendered

LSS looks after a wide range of Small Claims Court processes on your behalf, including completion of forms, document preparation, filing of forms in Court, service of documents on appropriate parties and managing the file through the post-decision and possible enforcement phases.

  Our Small Claims Representation Services provide knowledge of small claims costs, filings and proceedings and can effectively enforce court judgments through garnishments, examinations, or coordination of asset seizure, including property.
  Although most of our activity is on the Plaintiff’s side, we also do Defendant work if we believe you have a quality defense against a claim. We are able to do this at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer, with only a small retainer or conclusion fees.

Procedure                     Rate               Includes Court Disbursement           Information
Plaintiff’s Claim             $625.00                               $75.00                             Preparation & Issuance
Service of Claim             Included                                                              Personal Service when required
Affidavit of Service          Included                                                                  Preparation & commission
Settlement Conference attendance
 (if a Defence is filed)           $275.00
Default Judgement
 (if required –
 if a Defence is not filed)       $195.00                               $35.00                     Requires Small Claims Court Approval
Assessment Hearing 
by Judge (if required)     $325.00                             $100.00                                Preparation & Filing
​Full Trial Attendance     $950.00 / day                     $100.00

Filing a Defence            $490.00                               $40.00                               Preparation & Filing
Settlement Conference
     Attendance                     $250.00
Filing a Notice of Motion      $300.00                                $40.00                        Preparation filing & serving
Attendance at Motion          $150.00                                                                           Representation
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COST for  LIENS (Boats/Automobiles)
Boats                                $495.00
Automotive                        $650.00