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A Perfect Blend of Collection, Investigative & Legal Experience 

Firm    +     Fair     +      Professional


   We focus on results for our clients
  We are effective negotiators
  We get your debtor’s immediate attention
  Timely follow up and follow through
  We ensure same-day contact 
  on any & all debtor broken promises, 
  missed commitments & time frames


   Persistence tempered with empathy
  Our role as 3rd party is explained to debtors
   Facts are differentiated from excuses


   Superlative business skills
  We understand the legal terminology, 
  practices and confidentiality requirements.
  Licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada
   Bully or intimidation tactics are NEVER used.
  Debtors are treated with respect

Our Performance Promise
    Firm, Fair, Professional


   Account Recovery
  Debt Recovery – Receivables Management
  Sheriff/Bailiff Coordination
  Small Claims Court
  Document Filing & Service

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