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Debt Recovery – Receivables Management
Legal Support Services is your accounts receivable paralegal specialist:

LSUC Registered and Insured.
Keys to Success
Choosing a professional service to manage your delinquent accounts and other related tasks can be a wise decision, but where do you start? You want a firm that will represent your organization in a responsible and professional manner and one that provides a satisfactory rate of recovery, while maintaining your public image. This decision involves more than just giving your business to the lowest bidder – it requires careful consideration.
By carefully evaluating your company’s needs, as well as the capabilities of the recovery services available, you can maximize your accounts receivable income and ensure that your customers are handled properly. Careful selection of a third party strengthens your bottom line and helps you to retain customers, leading to a more profitable business.
Collections are performed on your behalf and in the name of your company. We treat outstanding balances as if they were our own, although we never lose sight of the fact that it is your money we are collecting. We use a variety of tactics and strategies to pursue debts, based on your request and our assessment of what is most likely to succeed. We are aggressive in pursuit of the obligations, while being sensitive to preserving client-customer relationships. We also understand that we are frequently competing with collection agencies and creditors for the limited funds a debtor has; therefore, we pursue claims quickly, vigorously and continuously.
Comprehensive Reporting:
You need continuous access to the status of claims and prompt notice of new developments. Reports and reporting processes can be customized for each client’s needs, including stratification based on status, timing of developments and type of account.
Extensive Resources:
We utilize a wide variety of resources and databases to allow us to become more educated about the individual debtors and give us more ways of contacting principals. This thoroughness shows debtors our tenacity and reinforces the message that we won’t quit until we’ve recovered your money.
Our Team:
Our professionals have decades of high-level experience as entrepreneurs, law enforcement officers, financial analysts, corporate managers and negotiators. We combine this experience to develop and execute the best negotiation and account recovery strategies.
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